Our focus

Innovation and quality in a global context.

The medical cannabis industry is constantly evolving. In this global scenario, advances in production management and improvement of the processes are essential to become the leaders in the field.

Our strong focus on innovation and quality translates into strategic R&D investments and many commercial agreements to supply medical cannabis, making us the leading suppliers to the global pharmaceutical industry.

In this context, we aspire to be the partner of choice in the cannabis industry worldwide, and to achieve this goal we work in line with the strictest quality standards in the industry, developing the most innovative techniques on the market at each step of the manufacturing process.

innovation and quality of medical cannabis linneo health
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Quality: Our value proposition

Quality is one of the cornerstones of our activity. We cultivate the highest quality cannabis, in strict compliance with the requirements of the current regulations and the most exacting customers. We follow industry best practices at every stage of the manufacturing process, using only top quality raw materials and the most advanced growing techniques.

R&D at the heart of our business

Our technical team is working continuously to develop more efficient and innovative cannabis production processes, always aiming for excellence and in accordance with the most rigorous quality standards.

Our resources for improving agricultural and production techniques, together with our ability to control all the extraction methods, make us one of the most innovative companies on the market.

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