To support our partners by providing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products that improve lives

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Quality – We believe patients around the world deserve to be treated with cannabis medicine of the highest standard. Our unrivalled focus on quality is the cornerstone of our business and we are setting the benchmark for quality in the research, cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis

Commitment – As the only vertically integrated supplier offering a complete service to our customers, we are committed to working alongside them at every stage, from seed to success. We go beyond industry best practice at every stage of production, applying the most rigorous interpretations to the toughest worldwide standards

Reliability – Partners choose Linneo Health because of our end-to-end expertise in all aspects of medicinal cannabis production. From the cultivation, production and processing of consistent, quality product to navigation of the complex legal and regulatory requirements in its handling and transport, we provide everything our customers need today and are committed to growing with them to deliver on the evolving needs of medicinal cannabis patients globally

Innovation – We are committed to the research of effective cannabis strains and agricultural techniques for the benefit of people in need. Our team of scientists and engineers are driving innovation in the field using the latest technological advances so we can deliver the cutting edge in medicinal cannabis


Our activity is focused on innovation: It is applied in every area, and we embrace it as a core company value.

The commitment of our employees is one of our company’s most important assets. Their determination to be the point of reference in cannabis production drives our ambition and search of excellence and growth as a team.

Linneo Health medical cannabis
Linneo Health medical cannabis