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Interview with Mónica Muñoz, intern in the Quality Assurance department

At Linneo, we are committed to welcoming interns who have just finished their studies and are motivated to learn and face new professional challenges. In addition to this being a great opportunity for these people to approach the world of work, having well-prepared people is beneficial to us.

A great example of this has been the participation of ​​Nicolás Fuster in our internship program for the past 6 months in the R&D department. Nicolás has been able to learn, contribute and give his thoughts on the business, and this has been an enormously beneficial experience for both parties.

We have recently had another student join us, Mónica Muñoz, this time in the Quality Assurance department. Mónica is from Almería and has excellent training as a health biologist and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry.

We spoke with Mónica to see how she is enjoying her first few weeks, working at our company. She told with excitement about her first weeks with us.

Did you know the medicinal cannabis industry previously?

I knew that cannabis products were on the market, but I hadn´t thought about it, in the sense of an industry, but the truth is that when they told me about Linneo and I searched for information, I found it very interesting.

What sparked your interest in interning here at Linneo Health?

I was especially intrigued about interning here to see cannabis is treated as a medicine, since it is something out of the ordinary for me.

You mention that you think it is a very interesting industry that sparked your interest in doing the internship, but how did you find Linneo?

My idea was to look for an internship where I could continue learning about quality assurance. I heard that Linneo was based here in Murcia, so I looked for information and contacted the team.

Are your expectations about the internship being met?

In my previous internships I was in the production department, but I had always been interested in the quality department. I imagined that I was going to do a lot of things here, but I didn’t know that I was going to have the opportunity to have as many responsibilities as I have. I feel that I’m learning a lot, that the team trusts you and lets you do the work without pressure – they’re not on top of me. However, if I have any questions, all I need to do is ask and they’re answered. I also know that making mistakes is how you learn.

What is your day-to-day like in the quality assurance department? What functions are you supporting?

I arrive in the morning and I don’t need to ask, what do I have to do? The work is already organized and the tasks assigned, so I don’t sit around at any point thinking about what I should do.

For example, I am currently learning how to manage deviations, CAPAS (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions) and supplier qualification. Because of a colleague being temporarily off sick, right now I have the chance to learn and help with qualifications and temperature mappings, about which I knew nothing of beforehand. I am also modifying and updating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). I am really learning a lot.

From what you have been able to learn so far about medicinal cannabis, what is your opinion about its future? How do you think it will influence society?

I think that people have a different view of cannabis, but it’s what our CEO Don Bellamy said at the last TownHall that stuck with me. When no medication can help a patient with their pain, cannabis can help them. They are not patients who have a cold, but patients suffering with cancer or multiple sclerosis, chronic pain that must be treated.

I think that cannabis should be considered as an alternative to pain medication in Spain and that it has a wide possibility of expansion.

You still have 5 months of your internship left, what do you think you have left to learn?

In the quality department I still have a lot to discover, but first I want to master what I am already doing. Above all I am focused on deviations from specifications, as I come from a different background where deviations are treated in a different way and I want to learn how to do them properly, since here at Linneo we dig deep to find explanations and you learn more about them as a result of the corresponding investigation.

On the other hand, I also want to see all the areas in the quality assurance department. The team give me freedom to say that I want to learn about something that has not been assigned to me before.

How do you think this experience could help you in your professional future?

When you go to a large company they put you in a certain area, for example, validations or qualifications, and you can only learn from that one area. In contrast here at Linneo, being a smaller company compared to others, you can experience all the tasks within the area of ​​quality assurance. Thanks to this I will have a much broader experience than if I were in another company.


We would like to thank Monica for this feedback on how our students are feeling, and encourage  us to continue having this programme that adds value to our organization.

If, like Monica, you have just graduated or are finishing your studies and you are interested in getting in touch with the world of work in a company in our unique sector, here we offer you the opportunity to join a wonderful team of people who we are sure will provide you with enormous learning, both personal as well as professional.

Send us your CV here. WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU!

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