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Linneo Health, the first Spanish manufacturing company for medical Cannabis under GMP accreditation

It is a milestone of extraordinary relevance in the medicinal cannabis industry, because the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the quality standard of the pharmaceutical industry.

– Obtaining the GMP certificate has been the result of the intense activity carried out since the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) granted the authorization for the cultivation and production of medical Cannabis.

– Linneo Health has an installed capacity of 40,000 m2 for the production of cannabis flowers, which includes an ambitious expansion plan.

– The company will soon begin the commercialization of natural products (dried flowers) and in 2020 it will begin the commercialization of industrial products (from extracts to active principles) with an initial estimated production of 5,000 liters during the first financial year.

– Linneo Health is the company of reference in the cannabis medicinal sector, because its uses high quality raw materials, implements pharmaceutical industry best practices at each stage of production, uses advanced cultivation techniques, and has more than 90 years of deep industrial experience in the manufacture and purification of extracts.

Madrid, 2nd of September 2019. – Linneo Health, a Spanish company authorized for Cultivation, Production and Manufacturing of Cannabis for pharmaceutical (medicinal) purposes, just received the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) quality certificate from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS). Linneo Health is the first Spanish cannabis company to receive this certification.

Linneo Health is the partner of choice for the international pharmaceutical industry due to its global scope and well invested operations. The company is dedicated to the cultivation, production, manufacture, import, export, distribution and commercialization of cannabis and its derivatives for medical and scientific purposes. The sale of natural product (dried flowers) is planned for the fourth quarter of 2019, and the commercialization of industrial products (full-spectrum extracts, purified and active pharmaceutical ingredients, ‘APIs’) for the first half of 2020. Industrial production will be developed under same GMP standards.

The company holds full authorizations from all relevant institutions to carry out its activity and meets all the requirements to operate at the highest recognized industry standards. Linneo Health received authorization from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Devices (AEMPS) to cultivate and produce cannabis for medical and scientific purposes and the company is now accredited to supply its products under the GMP standards.

Linneo Health takes 90 years of experience in the agricultural and industrial production of highly regulated narcotics and puts them at the service of the cannabis industry.

The installed and operating capacity of Linneo Health of 40,000 m2 for flower production also has industrial processing capacity of 12,000 tons of plant material combined making Linneo Health the market’s largest and most capable supplier of cannabis derivatives.

Focused on quality and innovation

Linneo Health was established a robust and differential business model, following a vertical integration strategy. Innovation and quality are the company’s two main pillars.  The development of new varieties, genetic improvement, establishment of new industrial processes and the definition of products are its immediate objectives.

Its strong focus on R&D is supported by strategic investment aimed at the continuous development of efficient and advanced processes in cannabis production. The company’s expertise in the area of extraction techniques and purification of plant extracts is noteworthy.

The partner of choice for the international pharmaceutical industry

Linneo Health aspires to be the partner of choice for the global pharmaceutical industry, adapting and leading the constant development of the therapeutic cannabis industry. Its awareness of the importance of excellence drives its work with the most innovative techniques to offer high quality cannabis to meet the expectations and needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

It currently has several international trade agreements for the supply of medicinal cannabis, which position it as a relevant actor on the global stage.

Linneo Health has a diverse team with extensive experience in the sector, which will contribute the most innovative techniques and knowledge adapted to a demanding and constantly evolving market.

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About Linneo Health:

Linneo Health is a Europe based, global leader in the research, EU-GMP certified manufacture and supply of medicinal cannabis flowers, extracts and products to pharmaceutical partners developing innovative cannabis-based therapies for patients in need. The world’s only vertically integrated medicinal cannabis supplier, no other company has Linneo’s 90-year heritage in the manufacturing and movement of controlled substances. Linneo is optimally positioned to address the needs of its customers through every stage of product development, regulation and handling.

Linneo Health is setting the benchmark for standards and customer service in medicinal cannabis. Through ongoing investment in one of the most advanced quality control laboratories in Europe, and by applying industry-leading cultivation techniques, Linneo is the trusted partner to address the needs of customers today and, with significant expansion capabilities, the demands of tomorrow. With an unrivalled focus on quality and driven by the firm belief that people around the world deserve to be treated with cannabis medicine of the highest standard, Linneo brings cutting edge innovation in medicinal cannabis to partners, to deliver better patient outcomes and improve lives.

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