About us

Linneo Health is the partner of choice for the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its 50 years of experience in agricultural and industrial production, now at the service of the field of therapeutic cannabis production. We provide medical cannabis, cultivated according to the highest quality standards, with the most ground-breaking techniques on the market.

Linneo Heatlh Quality

Quality: Our value proposition

Quality is a key element of our activity. We produce the highest quality cannabis, according to the strict standards of one of the most regulated environments and the most demanding customers. The company follows industry best practices at every stage of the manufacturing process, using only top quality raw materials and the most advanced growing techniques.

Linneo Heatlh, R&D at the heart of our business

R&D at the heart of our business

We always strive for excellence and the highest quality standards. This aim encourages our teams in developing better strains and more efficient and innovative processes.


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