About us

90 years of experience brought together to lead the medical cannabis future

Linneo Health is a global leader in the research, EU-GMP certified manufacture and supply of medicinal cannabis flowers, extracts and products to pharmaceutical partners developing innovative cannabis-based therapies for patients in need. As the world’s only vertically integrated medicinal cannabis supplier, supported by 90 years of unparalleled heritage and experience in the production of strictly regulated pharmaceutical products, Linneo Health is setting the benchmark for quality in research, cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis to drive innovation and excellence in the field.

Linneo Health is the partner of choice for the medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry.

Linneo’s European operations center in Southern Spain is optimally positioned to address the needs of its customers through every stage of product development, regulation and handling. Driven by the belief that people around the world deserve to be treated with cannabis medicine of the highest standard, Linneo’s expertise provides a clear reference for today’s industry, alongside significant expansion capabilities to support the development of tomorrow’s solutions in a rapidly evolving market.

Linneo Health takes 90 years of experience in the agricultural and industrial production of highly regulated narcotics and puts them at the service of the cannabis industry. We work with the highest production standards, and this clear focus on the quality of what we do has been accredited by the EU-GMP and GACP certifications to our production process.

In order to accomplish our ambitious expansion plan, we currently have 40,000 m2 of land devoted to the production of cannabis dried flowers. In addition, we have the industrial capacity to process over 12,000 tonnes of biomass per year for the production of extracts and active ingredients derived from cannabis. These capabilities, added to our expertise, position Linneo Health as one of the market leaders and a clear reference in the industry.

Our story

Linneo Health was built on the principle of providing the highest quality medicinal cannabis products to improve lives.

October 2016

We received the positive resolution of the authorization for the cultivation of cannabis with medical and scientific purposes from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Devices (AEMPS).

March 2018

We imported the first strains to our greenhouse in Spain, triggering the beginning of our agricultural activity in medical cannabis.

We also kicked off our R&D program for extracted products in our industrial facility.

December 2018

We harvested the first crop of medical cannabis dried flowers manufactured in our greenhouse.

January 2019

We obtained the first products in our extraction site: full spectrum extracts and distillates.

June 2019

Our first outdoor growing area was approved, significantly expanding our agricultural capacity and strengthening our robust business model.

September 2019

We received the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality certificate from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Devices (AEMPS) - the first Spanish cannabis company to receive this certification.

December 2019

Our cultivation area was awarded with the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP) certificate, which restates our cultivation process as the reference in the medical cannabis sector.

April 2021

Our State-of-the-art Quality Control Laboratory is fully operational and receives the visit of the Spanish Medicinal Agency for Medicines and Health Devices (AEMPS) for GLP certification.