About us

50 years of experience brought together to lead the medical cannabis future.

Linneo Health is the partner of choice for the medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry. We produce therapeutic cannabis of the highest standard with the guaranteed quality of our products and services, integrating in every step the most innovative techniques.

Linneo Health is the partner of choice for the medical cannabis pharmaceutical industry.
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The company is supported by 50 years of experience in the agricultural and industrial production of strictly regulated pharmaceutical products. Linneo Health brings together this expertise and experience to contribute to the development of the cannabis industry, ensuring the highest production standards. In this sense, since October 2016, we have the official authorisation to produce cannabis for medical purposes.

In order to accomplish our ambitious expansion plan, we currently have 40,000 m2 of land devoted to producing cannabis flowers. In addition, we have the industrial capacity to process over 12,000 tonnes of plant material per year for the production of extracts and active ingredients derived from cannabis. This capacity, added to our expertise, position Linneo Health as one of the market leaders at an international level and a clear reference in the sector. 

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Our story

October 2016

We obtained the authorisation from the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) for the cultivation, production, manufacture, import, export, distribution and marketing of cannabis sativa and its derived products for medical and scientific purposes. After obtaining this authorization, Linneo Health begins its activity in the therapeutic cannabis sector, being a pioneer company in the Spanish market.

December 2017

We began construction of our first greenhouse in Spain, perfect location for the production of medical cannabis thanks to its naturally favourable conditions.

March 2018

With the authorisation to cultivate the first hectares, we imported the first strains to our facilities and began our agricultural and R&D programs for medical cannabis.

December 2018

We harvested the first crop of medical cannabis buds produced in our greenhouse.

January 2019

Started the construction of our second greenhouse, increasing our agricultural capacity. Simultaneously we obtained the first extracts of CBD and THC in our industrial site.

May 2019

We start the construction of a cannabis dedicated unit within our extraction facility, enabling us to be faster, more flexible and competitive in the first period of the cannabis extracts emerging market.

June 2019

Our first outdoor growing area is approved, significantly expanding our agricultural capacity, strengthening our robust business model.