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Commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance.

Quality control

At Linneo Health, we have a specialised Quality and Regulatory Affairs Team, comprised of professionals with extensive experience in national and multinational companies in the pharmaceutical and related sectors, such as chemical, food and agriculture. Our focus on quality and regulatory compliance, is based on patient need.

The Regulatory Affairs department is responsible for ensuring compliance with the strict regulations and requirements of current and future markets. We work closely with our clients, supporting them during the registration processes and ensuring they comply with all applicable regulations. 

We believe that patients around the world deserve to be treated with the highest quality medicinal cannabis and our unwavering focus on quality is the cornerstone of our business. Linneo Health sets the benchmark in the research, cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis


Quality is a differentiating element of our company, and we perform exhaustive analyses of all our manufactured batches to ensure compliance with analytical requirements and established specifications. Furthermore, we are continuing to develop and validate new analytical methods that allow us to expand into new markets. 

Our Quality Assurance department is responsible for ensuring quality in every batch of product that we produce and distribute It’s main responsibility is to ensure that each is product is manufactured in accordance with current regulations, providing support to the Production and Quality Control departments. These teams are also responsible for supporting our quality systems during audits for the renewal and obtain ment of quality certificates, such as EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


We continue to offer the latest innovations in medicinal cannabis and are committed to researching effective varieties and agricultural techniques for the benefit of patients in need. We support medicinal cannabis clinical trials in our facilities which are equipped for conducting cutting-edge research.

We have a team of highly trained scientists and engineers who are leading the latest technological advances in the field of medicinal cannabis. Our team is constantly exploring new technologies, methods and scientific approaches to improve the quality and effectiveness of the medicinal cannabis products we offer. We remain abreast of the latest advances in cannabis research and science and apply that knowledge in our daily work.

Innovation is a fundamental pillar of our organisation, and we are constantly exploring new opportunities to optimise the cultivation, extraction, processing and formulation of our products. This allows us to be at the forefront of industry and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Equipo técnico

Conoce a parte de nuestro equipo


Aingeru Calderon

Crop Improvement & Innovation

PhD. Plant Physiology BHSc

Juan Pablo Huertas

Medicament innocuity & PH Innovation

PhD. Micro. Food Saf. & Sec. BHSc. Industrial Microbiology

Ana Marina Avellaneda

Crop Improvement & Innovation

Tech. Agri. & livestock prod. Sup. Tech. QC & lab. Anal

Carmen García-Melgares

Crop Improvement & Innovation

BHSc. Biotechnology

Ana Patricia Pérez

Medicament innocuity & PH Innovation

BHSc. Biology

The commitment, collective effort and high technological component of our R&D activities have allowed us to be awarded with public institutions.

CANNABI+D Project.  IDI-20190621
The objective of the project focuses on the development of the production process of cannabis sativa focused on the stages of maturation and drying of the product This project has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the Pluriregional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020.

CDTI Contribution: 205,707.16 €.


Linneo Health, S.L., within the framework of the Invest in Spain Programme, has received support from ICEX and co-financing from the European ERDF fund for the implementation of the CANNABI+ project, OBTAINING NEW CANNABIS VARIETIES WITH HIGH CANNABINOID CONTENT. The aim of the project is to obtain varieties of cannabis with a high content of varin cannabinoids and specific terpene profiles from which the active ingredients can be obtained.

Amount of the aid: 200,000 euros.

Call for proposals 2021. File: 2021/26

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